Posted by: SuperDel | 17/04/2013

Always getting injured

I swear every week I always get some kind of sickness or injury. This week’s injury is a swollen/bruised right thumb. Typical goal keeping injury. Last week was either food poisoning or some virus where for 2 days I was vomiting nonstop.

WHAT DOESN’T KILL SUPERDEL MAKES HIM STRONGER…(or makes him moan about it more on his blog…)…

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  1. James was recording Megaman from the NES on vcr long befroe the days of the Snes, so that renders your point invalid, he clearly knew how to do it. He even explained this in an older video where he used a video camera, 2 vcrs, and a cassette player to edit/add music to his home movies often recording straight from the tv.However, you are right that there is rampant fanboy-ism on this site. I like some of the things he posts and others I don’t. But I don’t let the blind fanboys bother me. You should’t either.It is a little silly of you to use such strong wording on the guy’s own website and not expect fans to flame you. It is provoking for the point of provoking, and that, my friend is the definition of a troll.This is the world of the internets that we live in. You know the rules; If you like something, you are a fanboy. If you don’t then you are a troll. There is no middle ground.

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