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Oilers vs Blackhawks


Recently, I have started supporting the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL. I never watch hockey. The only reason I started supporting the Oilers is because I am from Edmonton in London, so it made sense to support our Canadian equivalent town. My friend Lexxnovich is a big Chicago Blackhawks fan. So whenever our teams play, I pretend to be a real fan and follow the game. Last time these 2 teams faced off the Oilers pulled an upset and beat the Blackhawks! So hopefully we will do it again! (See, that’s me pretending to be a fan…)

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Follow me on Miiverse you Nintendo gamers!


Happy gaming!

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Some love from Google Now


I don’t know why but seeing Google Now show me that there is a new post added to my blog made me smile! :) :) :) I know it’s Google knowing what websites I visit etc, and there has been controversy over the last 10 years or so about these type of companies knowing everything you post or do online but I think it can be a really useful feature. I have nothing to hide on what I do online so there is no concern here.

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Now: Southfields

This is a ‘return post’ of some sort as I haven’t really posted anything in ages. Right now I am sitting in what appears to be the best place to hang out in Southfields, London. Also known as Starbucks. My good friend Lexxnovich tends to end up here a few times a week. The last few years we seem to take turns hosting a weekend where we’d chill out and have an evening playing videos games or watching movies. And I have the pleasure of staying in what I call the ‘jesus room’. The only place that I know of that you’d walk in a Muslim and leave a Christian! :) (I can thank his mother for that!).

Good times bro! Southfields weekend never disappoints! (rubs face in excitement).

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VG Collection: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


I’ve probably bought a hundred games since I last blogged about my video game collection but this is one game I just had to scream about. A handheld Super Smash Bros. I mean isn’t that the greatest thing ever? A lot of my fellow Smash players are boycotting this version and waiting for the Wii U version. I simply couldn’t pass on having Nintendo’s fighting game in my pocket. And you know how much I love my handhelds, especially the 3DS.


A cheeky 3DS snapshot

Anyway, so far I love it. I’ve grown a liking to Pac-Man, Mega Man and of course Yoshi and Mr. Game and Watch. Looking forward to the Wii U version (which is rumoured to be released in Europe on the day I leave for Paris :'().

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Google’s Chromecast is awesome. I have had it for a while now and I pretty much use it everyday. Its the easiest way to watch Netflix in my opinion. And if you have an Android device you are able to mirror your screen to your TV. This comes in handy if you want to show a room full of people a photo, video or literally anything on your phone or tablet. You can stream YouTube and anyone connected can queue up videos. Same applies to playing music through Google Play Music. Its pretty cheap to pick up and connects directly to your TV or amp via HDMI. A nice addition to your home entertainment setup!




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Now: Snooze you lose

So I start work today at 6am. Been up since about 2am. Times like these you have 2 options.

(1) Stay up – less sleep, get to eat a good breakfast, drink coffee, take your time getting ready, no rushing, no traffic, officially start your working day feeling awake and energised.

(2) Snooze – get more sleep, on the go breakfast (if you’re lucky), rush to get ready, hit traffic, feel groggy, feel tired all day, feel negative.

The first option is more logical yet its not always easy to actually get out of bed, especially if you had a late night. One thing I find that helps is to drink a glass of water straight away when your alarm is screaming at you to wake up.

This morning I finished watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Decent film. It is what it is. Good old Netflix.

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Stuff That Sucks: Hello Kitty IS NOT A KITTY


I’m quite late writing about this as its sort of old news but COME ON. HELLO KITTY IS A KITTY. Just look at it, its a cat! 🐱 I did really find it funny that this whole time Kitty White is actually a little English girl. Could be the biggest screw job since Montreal (pro wrestling and personal reference 😝). I would say we’ve all been lied to but they never actually said she was a cat. We ALL ASSUMED. It is kind of scary that this little girl looks like a cat, or wears a mask to look like one. Could make a good horror film.

Anyway, as long as Yoshi is still a dinosaur and not really a dog or something, then I’m happy. ☺

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Old Town 97


Pretty much end up here at 3am every weekend.

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Video Games that are proper me

Apparently, the new thing nowadays is to post something online and nominate your friends to do the same. Whether that be for charity or for fun, I sometimes follow the flock and join in. My brother nominated me to list out 10 Video Games (individual game or series) that are ‘proper me’. This task was harder than I initially thought and I did miss out obvious answers but here was my final list.

I can spend all day deciding specific games from a series that is proper me. Instead I just named 10 franchises I love and would carry the label #Deren with them.

Legend of Zelda – all
Super Mario – all
Yoshi’s Island – all
Mortal Kombat – all
Mega Man – all
Animal Crossing – all
Metroid – 2D games
Sonic The Hedgehog – 2D games
Final Fight CD – Sega Mega CD
Star Fox 64 – Nintendo 64/3DS

Honourable mentions below. Some belong to other people but I love them just as much as the next fanboy.

Super Smash Bros – all
Metal Gear Solid – all
Street Fighter – all
Tekken – all
Nights Into Dreams – Sega Saturn
WWF No Mercy -Nintendo 64
Pokémon – all

I actually think this should be voted on by close friends that would think of me when they see or play certain games.

And before you ask. No I didn’t give any money to charity. This was for fun. :)

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