Posted by: SuperDel | 27/08/2015

Day 2 – Last Film Watched


I believe this was the last film I watched. Only reason was to see John Cena. And boy did I see John Cena. For someone you watch on TV half naked all the time it was very strange seeing him naked lol

Film was okay if that. I wouldn’t watch it again. LeBron James stole the show! :)

Posted by: SuperDel | 27/08/2015

Day 2 – Favourite Video Game Character


This didn’t take long to answer today’s challenge. It has to be the Yoster himself. Yoshi! Preferably the yellow one. No matter what Nintendo game I’m playing, I’ll always go for Yoshi. My love for him (or her?) started in Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. He’s cute yet fierce. He’s fast and has an awesome jump. He’ll eat anything too. What’s there not to like?

Link would have been my second choice, or Mega Man. Maybe even Bowser Jr. Yep all Nintendo. But if it had to be a non-Nintendo character it’ll be Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Posted by: SuperDel | 27/08/2015

8Bitdo NES30


These little bad boys are amazing. Perfect for emulators on your smartphone or personal computers. Some smartphone games support external controllers too. They connect via Bluetooth and charge with a micro USB cable, which is handy for Android users as you’ll probably carry that cable with you everyday.

I purchased mine off eBay and Amazon, around the £30 mark. Worth a look into if you hate touch screen or keyboard controls.

Posted by: SuperDel | 27/08/2015

Day 1 – Favourite Film

It seems that this 30 Day Challenge has jumped straight into the good stuff! Well my answer is pure and simple…


Everything about The Shining is great. I’m not going to review the film as this isn’t a review site, but all I’ll say is that if you haven’t seen it, go and watch it. And if you have seen it, go and watch it again. Stanley Kubrick is the Shakespeare of film. The Shining isn’t even his best work but for me it’s a personal favourite. I can probably quote this film word for word. Every shot is like a painting. I’m still scared of it. I can go on and on.

Honourable mentions: 2001: A Space Oddessy, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Day 1 – First Video Game


Some of you may remember a home computer system call Commodore 64? No? Then you are not as old as me. Well, before digital downloads, CDs and even cartridges we had to load video games with either floppy disks (and they were damn floppy too) or cassette tapes. Yeah. Cassette tapes. And they used to take a while to load too.

Anyway, the first video game that I can recall owning and playing was Batman The Movie. I’m pretty sure I had the cartridge version but it was still for the Commodore 64. I don’t even think I got passed the first level but I remember loving this game. The music alone was and still is awesome.

There were other Commodore 64 games that I had around that time but I really can’t remember what they were called. Batman The Movie by Ocean just sticks out in my memory as early video gaming. Classic times!

Posted by: SuperDel | 26/08/2015

30 Day Challenges

I’ve seen on social networks and other blogs that people do these 30 Day Challenges. Usually they are fitness related but I’ve seen some manga and video game ones (thanks to jiraiyan for the inspiration).

I will myself take part in a 30 Day Video Game Challenge and a 30 Day Film Challenge. 2 subjects that I have great passion for. Video games and films has been a part of my life since I can remember. So this should be fun for me and hopefully for those reading. Feel free to comment on each day saying what you would have chosen for each question and why etc.

Posted by: SuperDel | 23/08/2015

Manga for Cyprus

I only really read books when I am on holiday or travelling. During my recent trip to USA I got really into Attack on Titan. I purchased all 15 volumes, and a few of the spin-offs. I also got into Assassination Classroom. Manga really is awesome. So here are some of the manga books I will be taking to my trip to the homeland.

Attack on Titan vol. 16: I cannot wait to read this! Hype! I will probably purchase the Junior High spin-offs at some point (even though I am avoiding them, lol).

Assassination Classroom vol. 2: This will give me some laughs and giggles. It really is one of the funniest concepts for a story I have ever seen. It’s just so random and crazy that you can’t not like it!

Death Note vol. 2: I have read half of it already, so will need to purchase the next few volumes. I know I am behind with Death Note but man is it awesome. I really want to watch the animes too but I will finish the mangas first (as should everyone).

I am behind on Game of Thrones too, need to watch the last 9 episodes. 1 episode per day in Cyprus. Perfect. Nothing like coming back from the beach for an afternoon lie down with something good to watch!

Posted by: SuperDel | 23/08/2015

Whatever works…

No I don’t mean the Woody Allen film starring Larry David. Recently me and Lexxnovich have been using this phrase for everyday things like when we are cooking or deciding something. And the ‘whatever works’ mentality does exactly what it says… it works!

Me: Shall we eat our food in the kitchen or move into the living room?

Lexx: Yeah whatever works.

We apply this mentality to everything. And it’s good. Less messing about. Get down to business. No longing each other out. Might start a hashtag trend of #WhateverWorks. Who knows, it might catch on…

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What I have been up to recently…

Posing with Rocky

So in April I quit my job as a Personal Trainer and travelled across USA for 3 months. Spent some time in Canada and The Bahamas. Greatest experience of my life. I really miss travelling and North America! I am back in England now and it sort of sucks. Thinking of a career change maybe.

What’s kept me going is buying an Xbox One (off my brother, thanks Denzo!) and playing Mortal Kombat X. It had to be done. Also been playing Splatoon (still trying to enjoy the game) and some other Wii U and 3DS titles.

Got addicted to reading Manga. All the Attack On Titans, some Death Note, Assassination Classroom and Street Fighter.

Discovered Lucha Underground and it has become my favourite promotion to watch. Prince Puma and Drago to name a few of my favourites! Looking forward to season 2.

Haven’t played sports or wrestled in a while. Fitness is low. Need to hit the gym again properly.

Got some film work coming up, should be good. Need to repay debts, save up money and plan next trip! Most likely Canada or Europe, or maybe even Japan!

Posted by: SuperDel | 06/08/2015

Off the grid… (well kinda…)

I’ve decided that I’ve had enough with the majority of social networks and dating sites and come off the grid. I never really posted anything interesting and what other people were posting wasn’t worth my time. I’ve kept Twitter and obviously my glorious blog. But I just had enough of having many different portals to log in to and reading pointless posts from people I don’t really care about. I will still post on here, I don’t even know who reads this but I do it for myself and my pals.

So if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you clicked the link on my private Twitter account or I told you to come here.

Yeah, that’s about it.

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